Design with purpose

At Mentor2Design we know that design make sence. And that Design has a huge influence on our lives and affects our choices.

The visual expression is often the first impression of a company, an organization or a product, and it only takes a second to be assessed in our consciousness.

Design is not just about aesthetics and function; Strategic design is a combination of form, knowledge, storytelling, filosofy and values.

Companies, organizations and associations working deliberately to create a connection between these concepts, become more capable of maintaining a living brand and create lasting relationships with the users/consumers.

Coherence between all the activities of a company creates a strong brand. This compared with significant design contribute to internal pride and ownership and external respect. For commercial companies it is a precondition for good business.

With this on mind we strive to solve every tasks from a holistic perspective, and with a conceptual approach that ensures consistency with the values and strategies of your company.

Our goal is to develop new opportunities and meaningful solutions together with you.