At Mentor2Design, we have many years of experience in virtually all aspects of communication design.

Our range of tasks involves both the overall strategic lines and the smallest detail. Our work are based on the classic design disciplines, but we always add a new perspective to the task.

Mentor2Design is headed by senior designer Kit Halding, a graduate architect with specialization in design and a Master in Design from 2013. With employment in both commercial and nonprofit organizations and with many years of bureaucracy, she possess experience in managing design processes both from the inside- and from the outside.

Mentor2Design works closely with skilled photographers, copywriters and webmasters, we can deliver the full package at any time. We are an agile agency that compiles the team according to the content and scope of the assignment. You will always have a direct dialogue with a designer and we can therefore offer prices without the intermediaries intermediaries.

We are a qualitative alternative to the major agencies, only significantly cheaper.