When I explain it to others, I call it mental massage and something that I prioritize high in my life. I do nothave a dissected problem like depression or anything else. I’m not going here because I’m a weak person. But I’ve learned that everyone has trouble, some do not know others. There are so many things in one’s life that hangtogether. Immediately you have not chained them together - but you’re doing it calmly - that way you can act smarterand smarter. Perhaps the words “need help” are wrong. But we can all learn to put the pieces together better and better.
Intermediate in private company

I have been in therapeutic treatment at Mentor2be for the past two years. I have previously been diagnosed with episodic depression and social passing. When I started at Mentor2be, I was struggling to go to school, hard to be with others, my friends and family, and not much to life. What I first met at Mentor2be was understanding. I felt that for the first time someone was watching me, as I did. It was a huge relief. From the beginning, my therapist has been open and honest about his techniques and thoughts about me, my course and my issues. It has been really nice, safe and given me a feeling of being part of my own course. Transparency in the process has also made me better able to accept and understand changes. Eg. that I did not perceive the bad days of decline but rather as development in a larger process. In therapy, I have gained a deeper and deeper understanding of the causes of my problems, and I have learned to recognize opportunities for what triggers my dark thoughts, sadness, despair and lack of life. Through understanding, I have also gained greater acceptance and tolerance to myself and my beliefs about myself and whether the world has been challenged